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LPS and SMs

I only design and build holsters for the following handguns:
1911 pistols, Browning High Power, HK P7, P7M8 & P7M13, Seecamp .32/.380, Rohrbaugh R9 and some selected revolvers.


I will not be adding any more names to my waiting list until I work my way through a majority of the names currently on the list. For those of you who are already on the list, you will be contacted for the details of your order as I get to your name on the list.

Things to consider when choosing a holster
How to place an order
Determining Holster Rake and Belt Length
Between the Pants and Belt Holsters - Model BPB
Belts, ammo carriers, magazine carriers and flashlight carriers
Pocket Holsters and magazine carriers - Models PH-3, PSM, DSM & PSM/SF
Belt Holster - Model ComTac
Inside the Waistband Holsters - Model ISP
Belt Holsters - Model LP Shoulder Holster - Model SR
Belt Holsters - Model SLP Kustom Ballistics - for your custom firearms needs
 Belt Holsters - Model SSK & SSR-N
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  Building orders for customers who got on the waiting list:

July 2015

Email contact:


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